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Pink Press On Nails
nails created especially for you

Premium handpainted custom press on nails created especially for you using salon quality gels and acrylics.

Choose from 100s of colours & designs or contact for a custom request.

Budget printed nails are also available here..

Life is too short for boring nails!!

Press on THE BEST hand-painted, durable, quality, reusable nails

Tipstastic nails are designed so you can get in 5 minutes what would take hours at a salon - at a fraction of the cost with no upkeep!
Always on trend, you will never want to be without...

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all colours & designs press on  nails
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tipstastic colours & designs press on nails
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Pink Press On Nails

Pink Nails

Green Press On Nails

Green Nails

Blue Press On Nails

Blue Nails

Red Press On Nails

Red Nails

Purple Press On Nails

Purple Nails

Orange Press On Nails

Orange Nails

Why Choose Tipstastic Nails - Press On Nails?

*Affordable -

All nail sets sold here are affordable and you can even buy now pay later or spread the cost of your orders.

Save money with nail sets vs salon trips

*Reusable -

All nail sets are reusable - Put on and take off quickly & easily, when suits you! This is especially great if you can't have your nails done for work

*Save Time -

No more spending hours in a salon having your nails done - Quick & Easy to use from home

*Professional Finish -

All hand painted and strong - Custom made for your perfect fit*

*Premium nails only are handpainted. Premium nails are created with gel and/or acrylic

*No Risk Of Allergies -

Gel or Acrylic allergies? Not from here! As these nail sets are already created for you and fully cured etc there is no risk of coming in to contact with uncured gel. No products will be touching you or your skin!

*Every Customer Matters -

Fast reply time to all questions. No matter what your query is you will receive a reply within a day - Usually within a few hours.

*Custom requests accepted -

Can't find a design you want? No problem, send over your custom request for a consultation!

Choose from premium high quality hand painted nail sets or already made machined nails - the choice is yours - We cater for all customers and budgets!

Perfect nails in minutes from the comfort of your home

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How do I Order?

Step 1: Choose your colour/ design
Or contact for a custom design

Step 2: Choose your favourite
nail shape/length 
*Toe nails also available as one natural shape/length

Step 3: Choose either a set of 10 (if you know your sizes) or a full set if you don't

How Do I Apply & Remove?

Application is incredibly simple. With proper application your new nails can last as long as you like & can be reused too!


Click here for how to apply 

For more information you can also check out our blog pages or FAQs

I don't know my sizes!?

No problem!
You have 2 choices:
You can order a

sizing guide or if you don't want to wait for a sizing guide you can order a full set (which consists of 20-24 nails, x2 of every size in the shape you choose)

Both of these options will let you find your sizes for next time

*Premium nail sets only

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