Tipstastic Custom Nails

- Nails Created Just For You

Here at tipstastic nails, you can create your perfect set of nails. There are 100s of colours to choose from and lots of designs. Colours and designs are updated weekly. You don't have to choose a design shown, you can ask to modify, or ask to create any style you like. You can send us a message explaining how you would like your set or you can send a photo and ask for it to be recreated. You can choose any base colour(s) you like and request for crystals, beads, pearls, charms, foils, art, stickers or whatever you have in mind to be added, even photos/pictures printed from our 0'2 printer. Once you have decided what you like you can choose whether you would like a full set (20-24nails depending on the shape chosen) or a set of 10 if you know your sizes. Please note: Sizes vary and are different for all shapes and brands. If you have never purchased a set from us in a particular shape before I highly recommend purchasing a sizing kit or a full set first. If you really want to order a generic size (xs, s, m or L) you can leave a note but please remember we advise the proper sizing options and we will not be held responsible if the sizes you order do not fit.

Tipstastic has a great choice of shapes available but if the shape or length you would like is not shown here, simply send a message with your requirements. Toe nails & xs childrens nails are also available! Click here to see 'how to use'

Click the drop down menu to see all categories available or click 'shop all' to see all colours & designs. Below you can see the majority of our colours and add ons. There are some colours and add ons shown here that are not found on the site to purchase and there are more not shown at all. If you would like any add on or colour shown below which you cannot find on the website please send me a message. The choice available is so vast i just haven't got round to adding everything on yet! All colours can also be made matte if that is your preference, simply leave me a note on checkout or send me a message.

As always, any questions send me a message and i will reply ASAP.


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