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About Press On Nails

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

So, there are people who will query the price of a set of bespoke press on nails. I can fully understand this, we all like to know what we are paying for. Hopefully the following will help. 

“£14.99+ for a set of fake nails, why??? Sure you’re just painting on tips!”

Well here’s why. For my press on nails, I use the same quality Flexi Press Tips & products as I use when doing a set of gel extensions in the salon. It’s actually easier and a lot quicker to do a set of nails on a client than doing a set of press on nails plus most sets I do contain 20 tips.

There is a process to creating a set of good press on nails. Each step I complete is important to the quality of the nails produced. First the tips need to be etched and buffed, then they must be cleaned and mounted on the stands, I then apply primer, next a layer of base coat is added then cured, next goes on a layer of strengthener then cured, next goes on up to 3 thin layers of colour (this is obviously for the plain colours) these are then cured between each layer, a layer of builder gel is added then buffed or filed to make sure it is smooth, next goes on 1 or 2 coats of top coat, finally they are fully checked over and cleaned before being packed. To package my nails i use quality boxes which i secure the nails in place with double sided sticky tape, i then add a business card and sticker then package in pretty bubble bags all sealed in a postal bag to which i attach the postage label. The above step by step is for a plain set of nails with no added extras.

You wouldn’t go to your salon for a set of gel extensions costing £40+ and query the price with the nail technician, plus these press on nails can be reused with proper removal. 

Please don’t compare my press on nails with a set of £5 fake nails from the high street or any other retailer selling wholesale press ons pretending they are there own. I make all of my sets myself from start to finish with love and care for what I do! There is no comparison! 

Why press on nails??

Press on nails are a brilliant way to get a manicure just as good as attending a salon booking! If applied correctly, they last the same length of time, your nails grow the same speed as they would with acrylics or an overlay at the salon, instead of having an infill you can soak off and reapply! If soaked off with acetone, your press ons will melt so you would need to apply a new set if this method is used. Your natural nails will be a lot healthier using press ons vs acrylic or gel directly on your natural nails. Press ons are also fantastic for those who cannot wear nails to work or for certain periods. They can be taken off and reused whenever you want! The price of press ons is also a no brainer! My press ons are all made using salon quality gels and acrylics but instead of having to pay £40+ in the salon for a plain set, a plain set of press ons is just £14.99! AND they can be reused if soaked off using the oil or warm water methods or by using glue tabs!

Pros & Cons


Salon Quality

Cheap Price

Same look & feel as a salon set

Last as long as extensions or overlays


Take minutes to apply

Take minutes to remove

Can apply and remove from the comfort and safety of your own home

No booking required

Nobody to rely on to do your nails!


So much choice! Ever been to your appointment and felt rushed to decide what colour you want? or attended knowing you want a certain colour all to get there and they have nothing like it? Not here! You have over 300 colours to choose from!! (Plus the collection is still growing) That is just colours, not including designs. You can also choose any design you like, send a photo and have that set recreated for you! All colours and design sets on the site can be mixed however you like, you don't have to purchase a set the way it is, if you want it different, all you have to do is send a message! There is also a massive selection of nail art from handpainted to foils, stickers and stencils, crystals, glitters, sequins, fimo, dried flowers, 4d creations. You name it, you can request it!


Must do your own nail prep

Must be applied correctly else they just won't last

(Both of which are very easy to do, are they really 'cons'?)


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