15 Piece Rainbow Set
  • 15 Piece Rainbow Set

    15 piece hands, feet and face kit.
    Top quality stainless steel
    ☆Surface: Electroplated rainbow color titanium
    ☆Use: Manicure nails, peeling skin, etc.
    ☆Portable and lightweight: It can be put into almost any handbag or shoulder bag and can be carried around every day or while travelling.
    ☆Perfect for both professional use or personal use.
    ☆Aesthetic packaging design,the case is made of high quality fabric and PU leather, stylish and elegant,a perfect gift or for yourself!
    Package includes:
    ☆Hand Care
    ☆1 * Nail Clippers: To trim finger nails or false nails 
    ☆1 * Diagonal Nail Clipper: Trim the Nail Corner
    ☆1 * Push Fork:Remove dead skin around nail
    ☆1 * Nail File: Grinding Nails
    ☆1 * Single edged Double side/Cuticle Pushers: Push the dead skin.
    ☆Facial Care
    ☆1 * Tweezer: Repairs eyebrows, ect.
    ☆1 * Multi-pupose Scissors: trim eyebrow, ect.
    ☆1 * Ear Pick: Clean earwax
    ☆1 * Acne needle and Acne Loop Extractor:Clean up acne.
    ☆Foot Care
    ☆1 * Nail Clipper: Trim Toe Nails.
    ☆1 * Pedicure Knife: Clean the old skin off feet.
    ☆1 * Diagonal Pedicure Knife: Clean the old skin off feet.
    ☆1 * Curved Pedicure Knife: Clean the old skin off feet.
    ☆1 * Nail File: Grinding toenails.
    ☆1 * Cuticle Scissors: Trim hard and thick toenails.
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