Butterflies & Flowers
  • Butterflies & Flowers

    Butterflies & Flowers 
    Fiesta 03 pink
    Fiesta 04 purple
    Butterfly foils
    If you wish to pick different colours from any on the website or choose just one colour let me know your request by sending a message 😊
    All sets have base coat, strengthener, builder, colour x 2 or 3 and top coat x 2 plus art if requested. All tips are also etched on top for the gel to better adhere and underneath so they adhere better to your nail.
    All sets you buy from me are strong! They are not weak or flimsy. They are nothing like the sets that are mass produced and if applied correctly will last! If removed correctly they can be reused too..
    Message for a custom design! You can change colours on any sets shown or can completely create a new design.
    Photos show colour in different lights eg light, dark, flash on. 
    Colours will be different on different display screens, please bare this in mind. All photos are for display purposes only to show you the colours. 
    All are created on rough tips and are not how the final product will be.
    For a mix of colours please send a message.
    For usage information please see 'how to use'
    If you choose a set of 10, please send a message with your sizes. If you do not know your sizes you can purchase a full set which includes 2x of each size. Depending on the shape chosen this can include 20-24 tips.
    All tips will be numbered on the full set also. Next time you order you will then know your sizes in that shape which enables you to purchase a set of 10.
    You can also purchase a sample sizing kit if required. Tips sent in a sizing kit are blank which means they have no strength added and are as they are before any work being done to them.
    Application kit sold seperately

      I handpaint all press on nails by myself. I use only salon quality equipment. All sets have various layers. Base coat, Clear builder gel, 2-3 Coats of colour & top coat. Plus added art or decoaration. All added on salon strength and quality tips. Press ons are a great way to get a salon set in a few minutes rather than 1-2 hours, all from the comfort of your own home at a fraction of the price! To apply first gently buff the nail to create a 'rough' surface for the tip to adhere to, next brush any dust away then wipe the nail with a cleansing or alcohol wipe to remove any grease etc. once the prep is finished next decide how long you would like them to last and if you want to reuse them. If you would like to reuse the nails you should use glue tabs which means the nails will last a few days but can be reused over and over again. If you decide to use glue they will last for around 3 weeks or until you see growth then you can soak them off and apply a new set if desired!


      Due to all items being hand made especially to your specifications and for hygeine reasons i do not offer returns or refunds under any circumstances

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