Photos show colour in different lights eg light, dark, flash on. Colours will be different on different display screens, please bare this in mind. All photos are for display purposes only to show you the colours. All are created on rough tips and are not how the final product will be. Once you have decided which colour(s) or designs etc you would like, you can then choose the shape and sizes. Sets can also be created matte if you desire, if you would like to see a particular colour in matte please send a message as i haven't got round to adding these on here yet! All sets are created 100% for you to your specifications. You can customise however you like! To see the range of shapes please click here!

I recommend purchasing a sizing kit before placing an order for a set especially if you order a set with designs on due to the fact even with a full set you are not guaranteed they will all fit you. As an example in a full set you get 2 of each size but you may find your index and ring fingers on each hand are a 5 so you could end up being 2 size 5's short. If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to get in touch!