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Great Selection Of Colours & Designs. Custom Requests Also Available

Tipstastic nails are a great way to receive a salon set of nails from the comfort of your own home. If you do not have the time or the funds to get your nails done at the salon every 2-3 weeks or if you cannot wear nails for work and want a temporary set you can reuse over and over these are the best alternative you will ever find! All of our sets are made from high quality flexi tips (not the cheap versions you find on ebay!) all sets are prepped properly before any gel is applied. Tips are filed underneath for better adhesion to your natural nails (you do not need to do this step yourself as this is done for you) tips are filed on top for better adhesion of the gel and to avoid any peeling issues etc. All tips are then shaped and any rough edges removed. Next, tips are primed. Gel base coat is applied then 2-3 layers of gel polish. If a design is requested this is added next. A layer of strengthener or builder gel is applied depending on the length and art requested then 2 layers of top coat to completely seal in the colour or art. Hard gel or acrylic can also be requested however we guarantee our nails are more than strong enough as is for you.. All tips are checked over before being packed. All products used are salon quality and are products that are used in salons. We do not use nor purchase cheap gel or acrylic products.. We keep all sets affordable and with the sets being reusable you are guaranteed for a long lasting set at a brilliant price. We have 100s of colours and designs to choose from and any design can be requested from us too. If you have any questions we guarantee you will receive a reply almost instantly. Contact options include our email: info@tipstasticnails.co.uk, the chat box here on the site or you can see the contact page for more options. FB & IG buttons are shown in the header/footer of each page. 

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