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About Us

Since day one, I have been working tirelessly in order to expand my product offerings and make customers experience even better. I am proud of how far i have come, yet remain committed to performing even better.

Tipstastic Nails & Beauty is a small business (run by myself and sometimes with the help of my daughter - when she wants to! - Teenage years hey!) born out of a passion for nails and nail art.

 Founded in 2019, I decided to create Tipstastic Nails & Beauty from my love of having my nails done but never being able to keep up with the upkeep costs or having the time to get them done. Suffering anxiety I also found it very difficult to attend a salon appointment. So i decided to learn how to do nails myself. After years of learning and research, I created Tipstastic nails to make it super easy for everyone to have beautiful nails but with ease and to be purse friendly! Learning the skill of nails and nail art is an ongoing journey with new products and new trends requiring new skills and techniques all the time so I never stop mastering my profession to make sure i always bring you the best quality nails!

We are here to provide you with the best press on nails created with love and attention to detail. 

We love all things nails and are passionate about helping all nail lovers have beautiful nails.

Why have boring nails when you can have tiny works of art that can also be reused!

Nails shouldn't be a chore so we are here to do all the hard work for you and deliver them straight to your door. You will get the salon look and salon quality without the big expense!

You will also save yourself not just money but valuable time too.

We are here to help nail techs aswell, with all the supplies you will need to create stunning gel nails (Acrylic products coming soon!).

We have also added a selection of hands, feet and body care and we are also bringing out LOTS of brand new products in 2024 including our own eyelash ranges, makeup & accessories!! 

Our primary aim and goal is to create a one stop shop for all nails, beauty & haircare, all products will be great prices and top quality, all delivered straight to your door!

We know times are hard for so many so we offer flexible payment options and you can earn points on every order to redeem off future purchases. We also have various offers available & you can even choose to work with us to save even more!

Come join us on our journey and discover the creative world of Tipstastic Nails & Beauty.

Thank you for supporting our small business, you all mean the world to us!

We  look forward to bringing new products to our store and continuing to support all our customers with great prices & top quality products to help you all feel beautiful and have the confidence you deserve x


When you support a small business you are not supporting a giant corporation! You are buying a piece of heART! You are supporting a dream & a family! Each set of nails I create I do to my best ability. No set I create is machine made - I make all sets from scratch with my own hands and each set is made with love!

Every set I sell will be unique to you and as long as is cared for properly, will be reusable over & over!

Each product I sell I have sourced & packed myself. Each business I support I have researched and know they are themselves a small business in a giant sea of corporations.

When you shop on this website all of the above applies. I treat all of my customers as a person and not a number. I personally contact and thank every single one of my customers as I am truly grateful for every one of you <3

Whether you are here looking for custom nail sets, nail art & nail supplies or beauty products you will find everything in one place - Contact me and I will offer all the support you need!

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