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Flexi tips, Gel nails, acrylic nails, dipping nails, fibreglass, gel that feels like acrylic, full tip, half tip, sculpted…… the list goes on! For the client they just ask for “longer please”. But for the nail tech, the nail industry just seems to keep on coming up with all these different ways. You are torn between sticking to traditional methods, and trying new things.

If you were to ask a client what they look for they would ask for:

Long lasting
Chip and lifting free
Comfortable to wear
Doesn’t take too long to apply
Ask the tech and they will say:

Easy to apply
Cost effective
Great results
Good client feedback
and anything to make their life easier.
Let me introduce you to Gel Flexi Press Tip Enhancements. So that means it is a gel system, it’s a tip, you press it on and it makes the nail longer……

In a nutshell this is a full press on tip, the shape is already created for you, you don’t need to sculpt, you don’t need to file any shape in, you can offer coffin and stiletto without beads of sweat coming down your face and they are easy peasy!

Step 1: Natural nail preparation 

Step 2: Measure the tips and set them out

Step 3: apply base coat to the natural nail – cure for 45 seconds


Step 4: apply strengthener to the natural nail – cure for 45 seconds

Step 5: Apply strengthener to the underside of the flexi tip

Step 6: roll it on from cuticle to the free egde….

hold in place…. this bit can be slightly tricky…. annnd – CURE for 45 seconds


Step 7: Blend in the tip around the cuticle and buff over the entire nail


Step 8: Apply strengthener again – cure for 45 seconds

press-on-16-300x300 (1)

Step 9: Apply your desired missu gel polish x2 - cure each coat


Step 10: Top coat – cure for 60 seconds and voila!


You now have a full set of enhancements in a choice of coffin, stiletto, long square, short square, almond, natural round….. and you haven’t broken a sweat!

Maintenance and removal I hear you say? Same as any other system except you find zero lifting with this system (if you’re doing it properly) so it’s quicker and more straight forward.

nails and gel polish
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