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Frequently Asked Questions - Premium Nails (Not Machine Printed Nails)

Who makes the nail sets shown?

All sets are handmade by myself unless you are buying a set from the machine made printed section. If unsure please ask.

What are the nails made from?

All nails are made from salon quality flexi tips which are then filed and shaped by hand. All nails are as strong and as long lasting as a salon set (the sets sold here will actually last a lot longer than a salon set as they can be reused!) Salon quality gels and acrylics are used for all colours and designs.

I am unsure of my nail sizes?

If you do not know your nail sizes as many people don't (why would you need to!?) you can purchase a sizing guide in the shape of your choice. Once you receive the sizing guide it contains 1 of each size in the shape you choose. You can then guage your sizes and add them as a note at checkout or send a photo as there is space to write your sizes on the card provided or you can send us a message. Please only measure bare natural nails and never measure over the top of any nail enhancement. All sizing guides only relate to nails sold on this website as all nail sizes from different brands vary.

If you do not want to wait for a sizing guide (dispatched 1st class) you can purchase a full set which includes 18-24 nails 2x of each size in the shape selected, from this you can then note your sizes for future purchases.

How long will it take for them to be made?

As all nail sets are made by hand processing times do vary however we are proud to say the majority of sets are created and dispatched within 3 days. Sometimes sets can take a little while longer to be dispatched but you will wait no more than 10 days from order day to receiving them. You will be kept up to date on your order and if for any reason there is a delay you will be notified immediately. Please see here for more information 

Do you offer custom designs?

Yes, if you don't see a design you like here you can send us a message or a photo and we can recreate the design for you. Please see here

Are the nails reusable?

Yes, all of our sets are reusable. You can apply using either glue tabs or nail glue (both sold here) How you choose to apply depends how long you would like the set to last and is completely your choice. Nails can be soaked off using warm water and oil. If you want to reuse the nails please do not use acetone as this will melt the nails and they will be destroyed. If using glue tabs, the tabs will simply peel off the back of the nail ready for them to be stored back in their box. If you have used glue you may need to file any excess glue off the back of the nails. Please see how to use for more information

How long will they last?

This depends on your method of application and how you prep your natural nails. Prep of the nail tips is already done for you so you need not worry about this part. Nail prep of your natural nails is extremely important and if not done correctly the tips will simply not last. You should push back cuticles. You must gently buff all shine off your natural nails to give the tips something to adhere to. You must then remove all dust. Nails must be thoroughly free from any oil or dirt. You should wipe your nails with an acetone or alcohol wipe and avoid touching the nails while applying the tips. Ideally apply the tips before bed so you avoid washing your hands or using them too heavily straight away. When wearing you should avoid using them as tools as this will hinder the longevity of your set.  If using our glue tabs you can get up to a weeks wear. If using nail glue you can have them last up to 4 weeks if applied correctly.. If using glue tabs you will need to choose the size tab to fit from side wall to side wall of your natural nail. You can apply the tab to the inside of the tip or to your natural nail then peel off the covering. If using glue you can apply the glue to both the inside of the tip and to your natural nail. You will soon find your method of application and what works best for you.

See our blog for even more information.

Can I get a refund on nail sets?

Due to the nature of our nail sets unfortunately refunds are not accepted. All sets are made especially for you to your specifications so please make sure you order the correct sizes. We also do not offer refunds for hygiene reasons.


For postage information please see here

For any other questions please browse the drop down menu or get in touch 

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