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For any custom requests you have, if you need to buy single nails (or a few) or if you would like to make your own set by mixing any colours, designs or add ons or if you have a design in mind simply send a message via the chat box or inbox info@tipstasticnails.co.uk

There is also a contact page with a contact form. Any questions or comments please also contact and we will reply as soon as possible, usually within the next hour or 2! Photo/logo printing on tips now available

Step 1: Choose which shape you would like

Step 2: Choose a set of 10 if you know your sizes or choose a full set if you don't (You can purchase a sizing kit 1st before purchasing a set if you wish)

Step 3: Choose a base colour.

Not all colours are shown just to simplify your shopping. I know the amount of colours to choose from is overwhelming so i have added tipstastic bestsellers! If you want different colours you have seen, let me know in your message! You can choose any amount of colours. You don't have to just choose 1 colour, you could choose 10 if you wanted! Whatever you want, you can have :) 

Step 4: Choose your add on(s) Choose from crystals, glitter, designs, anything at all you would like. You can either explain exactly how you would like your set or you can send me a photo and I will do my best to create for you.

Step 5: Send me your message with as much detail as possible. I will then let you know a price. If you would like to go ahead I will then create a custom product for you on the website for you to purchase.

You can still use laybuy or clearpay for custom sets!

Not only has Tipstastic nails got 100s of colours, there are also lots of add ons to choose from that are not yet shown on the website. There is a vast assortment of glitters, crystals, foils, stickers and lots more. I can create blooming designs, spider designs, marble, the list is endless. I can also create photo or logo nails using an o'2 nail printer. Not only do I use gel, I also use acrylic on request and have a wide range of acrylic colours so not just clear although I must stress acrylic does shrink press ons and I much prefer to work with gel. If there is anything you would like to view, or if you have any questions let me know :)

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