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Customer Press On Nails

Tipstastic Nails - Created Especially For You!

Here you will find all you need to create your perfect set of nails.

Choose from 100s of colours & designs or send a request for a custom design using the chat button below or via the contact page.

All premium handpainted sets are collectible & reusable.

No 2 sets will ever be exactly the same due to being handpainted, making them collectible.

You can put on and take off your sets as often as you like, as long as you look after them correctly, making them reusable over and over.

Why not mix and match? Have a few sets already? Mix and match them to create a whole new look!

Once you have decided what you like you can choose whether you would like a full set (if you don't know your sizes) or a set of 10 (if you do know your sizes)

Please note: Sizes vary and are different for all shapes and brands. If you have never purchased a set from us in a particular shape before I highly recommend purchasing a sizing kit or a full set first. If you really want to order a generic size (xs, s, m or L) you can leave a note but please remember we advise the proper sizing options and we will not be held responsible if the sizes you order do not fit.

If the shape or length you would like is not shown here, simply send a message with your requirements. Toe nails & xs childrens nails are also available!

Click here to see 'how to use'

All premium nail sets are created with builder gel to strengthen the nail (If no acrylic is used), if you would prefer your nails to be more  flexible and not strengthened please leave a note at checkout..

As always, any questions send me a message and i will reply ASAP.


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