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IMPORTANT: Please read before purchasing! I cannot make a set of 10 for you if you do not leave a note with your sizes. If you do not know your sizes please order either a full set or a sizing guide. A full set consists of 2x of each size in the shape chosen. This will be either 20 or 24 nails depending on the shape. If you want to order a generic set of 10 (xs, s, m or l) please leave a note but please remember these are generic sizes only and are NOT guaranteed to fit you. For a guaranteed fit I recommend a full set or a sizing guide! All brands & shapes vary in size which I explain more on the information page.

To filter by category/ colour/ occasion you can use the filter options below

For all colour choice options please select which colour you would like. Example: if there are 6 colours showing and you would like the 3rd colour across simply select colour 3 from the drop down. If you would like a mix of colours from the same product page, select mix and leave a note of the colours you would like at checkout. For a mix of colours from different product pages you can select any 1 of the colours you would like and then leave a note at checkout of the product page names and the numbers you would like from those pages.

You can now choose to add 'extras' to your nail sets, to see more click here

If you need any help at all, I am always here to help :)
Thank you for reading x

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