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short round press on nails

Short Round (sizes 0-9)

short round press on nails shape

New Short Round (Sizes 0-11 + 8.5,9.5 & 10.5)

short square press on nails

Short Square
(sizes 0-9)

mini stiletto press on nails

Mini Stiletto
(sizes 0-11)

natural almond press on nails

Natural Almond/Round
(sizes 0-9)/Round

natural square press on nails

Natural Square (sizes 0-9)

medium square press on nails

Medium Square
(sizes 0-11)

almond press on nail shape

Natural Almond
(Sizes 0-9)

coffin 1 press on nails

Coffin 1 (sizes 0-11)

medium coffin press on nails

Medium Coffin
More curved than coffin 1 less curved than coffin 2 (sizes 0-11)

natural stiletto press on nails

Natural Stiletto (sizes 0-11)

long coffin press on nails

Long Coffin (sizes 0-11)

coffin 2 press on nails

Coffin 2
More curved than coffin 1

short coffin press on nails

Short Coffin (sizes 0-9)

stiletto 1 press on nails

Stiletto 1
Slightly rounded tip
Not as pointy as stiletto 2
Natural underneath colour, not clear

stiletto 2 press on nails

Stiletto 2 (sizes 1-9 with .5 sizes)

ballerina press on nails

Natural underneath colour, not clear (sizes 0-8)

long square press on nails

Long Square (sizes 0-11)

xl coffin press on nails

XL Coffin (sizes 0-11)

Tipstastic Nails Press On Nail Shapes

Shapes in order of length.


If the shape or length you would like is not shown here or on the product page, head to the contact page to send an email or use the chat in the bottom corner :)


Toe nails also available to order!


Childrens (xs) or mother & daughter press ons available upon request!

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