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Should I try press on nails?

Press on nails or removable nails are a fantastic choice for many people & for many good reasons. Maybe you don't have the time to sit for 2 hours at a salon appointment? Or not sure you can afford the upkeep every 2-3 weeks if you opt for a gel or acrylic set? Maybe you can't wear nails for work or would just like your nails done for a night out or week away without the hassle of removal afterwards? Or maybe you have allergies to gel or acrylic but would still love for your nails to look amazing? Here at Tipstastic Nails all of this has been thought of and for whatever reason you are seeking salon alternative nails we have you covered!

We have 100s of colours and designs to choose from but we also accept custom requests so you are guaranteed to find what you came here for..

There is another blog post titled 'About press on nails' where you can see exactly what goes in to creating a set of bespoke press on nails for you.

None of the nails you find at Tipstastic Nails are machine or batch made. All sets are hand painted and are created just for you. You can opt for a set of 10 if you know your sizes (sizing guides available) or you can choose a full set of 20-24 nails which consists of 2x of each size in your chosen shape. There are lots of shapes to choose from whether you are looking for short or xl we have a range of coffin, round, square, stiletto & almond in lots of variations. You can also request different shapes to those currently available.

For application & removal of nails this is also covered in our other blog post but we are always a message away should you have any questions.

Don't forget all nails you purchase from Tipstastic are reusable too ♻️


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