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Tips to get the longest wear from your press on nails!

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

I thought I would share with you my tips on how I manage to get my press ons to last until I want to remove them. Some people swear it's impossible to get press ons to last longer than a few days... this is WRONG!!


If you want your nails to last you MUST prep your nails properly before applying. Sure if you only want your nails to last for an event or for one or two days, you can get away without prepping but if you really want your nails to last until you want to remove them you need to prep and prep properly! I can't tell you enough just how important this step really is!

You need to make sure there is something for the nail tip/glue to adhere to. If the surface of your natural nail is shiny your press ons are just going to come off. This is true for any nail extension not just press ons.

To begin you must push back your cuticles or if you know how, use cuticle trimmers. If the glue comes into contact with your skin it will hinder the longevity of the hold and not just this, in some people glue can cause reactions too so you should try to avoid this as best as possible.

Next you should file the top of your nail. Do not be rough! Do not file too much. Do not use an e file ever on natural nails without enhancements!

You simply want to remove any shine. Aim for your whole nail to appear matte.

Once you have done this (this step can actually come before or after filing)

You can now trim your nails. It is totally up to you how you want to do this step. You can trim your nails right down or you can leave them as they are (as long as they aren't longer than your press ons, obviously 😂) if you leave them longer there is more area for the glue to adhere but they will show underneath. If you cut them short it will look better underneath as you won't see any natural nail but there will be less area for the press on to stick to.

So this is totally your choice and you will soon find your best method of application.

Next step is to remove all of the dust from filing and to remove any grease or dirt from the nails. You can do this by using an acetone or alcohol wipe. You can also buy bottled acetone or isopropyl alcohol and Lint free wipes to make your own. You want to brush away any dust with your dust brush and then wipe over all nails with the wipe, make sure they are thoroughly clean. Do not wash your hands though. Only use the products mentioned above.

Next I use a nail primer. This step I have found massively improves wear time..

Do not touch your nails with your fingers, this too is extremely important as this will just add oils back into your nails, which you do not want..

Now you can start applying your press ons!

I start with my dominant hand so the 2nd hand is easier to do 😅

I start by applying the pinky nail first.

You can use either glue tabs or nail glue (please don't use superglue!)

Glue tabs will hold out for only a few hours to a few days most but they will be very easy to remove.

Nail glue is what will keep your nails on strong until you want to remove them.

The glue you use is your personal preference. Different people prefer different brands of glue. What works well for one person may not be as good for the next. The glue I use, I sell on the website alongside all the tools and accessories you possibly need to get the best from your sets.

I personally like brush on glues for ease of use and you can make sure the application is thorough. I brush the glue on both my natural nail and the etched part of the press on nail. I apply to the tip first and then my natural nail. I let dry for a few seconds (not too long!!) And I then apply lining up the cuticle then slowly pressing down. Make sure the nail is straight! Now hold down for 10 seconds. Don't test to see if the nail is secure! Move on to the next until you have applied all 10. All press on nails will be secure.

Check to make sure there are no gaps on the free edge of your natural nails. If there are gaps you can try to fill these with glue. You don't want water to get in between the press on nail and your natural nail as this can cause pseudomonas, sometimes known as greenies. This is also true for any nail extension including acrylics. It will also hinder the longevity of your press ons too.

If you don't want to apply glue to your natural nail you can apply a clear coat to your natural nails 1st. Nail polish or gel polish will be OK. If using gel polish I recommend using base coat (cure fully in your lamp) then apply a shiny top coat (cure fully) Do not leave any gel polish uncured as this can cause a severe allergic reaction to gel products. Do not try to adhere press ons with builder gel or any other gel as the light cannot penetrate the press on properly and this can cause lots of issues with reactions. You can apply with acrylic if you wish BUT all proper application rules must be followed correctly. I personally apply on to my natural nails

So there you have it. That is how I apply my press on nails, and that is how my nails last so long. If done properly, yours will last just as long

Things to remember:

Do not wash your hands for 1 hour before application and if possible apply at night as you don't want to wash your hands for as long as possible after application

Do not use your nails as tools!

Nails are jewels not tools. There is no reason to use your nails to open cans or parcels, there is no need to use your nails to pierce a bag you need to open or for anything else I can't think of right now 😂🙈

Always use an actual tool and never your nails. This can cause your nails to come off or even worse this can sometimes cause damage to your natural nails or can be painful.

Where possible when washing up, use gloves.

You don't need to worry about having a bath or a shower while you have your press on nails on. They will not pop off, if applied correctly!

If there is anything else I can think of I have forgot I will add on to this in the future 💕

Thank you for reading and I

hope this has been helpful for you. If you have any questions I am always here to help xx

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